Monday, January 28, 2013

Bulanglang, Diningding! Whatever

This isn't really on my top list of vegetable dishes, but Nepot would crave for this once in a while. I'd rather have pinakbet or pakbet instead of this bulanglang or diningding thing. But I learned one thing from my mom on cooking this. It has to be used with rice wash (hugas bigas).  And it should be the last wash.  Bulanglang ang tawag dito sa timog katagalugan (Southern Luzon), at Diningding naman sa parteng Hilaga ng Luzon (Northern Luzon) where it is more common.  Bagoong or anchovy paste or sauce is used in this. It is considered as the main flavoring for diningding.  But it is still best eaten when served really hot!

Ingredients and Procedure:

4 cups rice wash
String beans
Ginger (pressed)
Onion (peeled and quartered)
Bagoong (anchovy paste or sauce), according to taste
A handful of dried anchovies (dilis)

Bring the rice wash into a boil with ginger, onion and the dried anchovies.  Slowly add in the vegetables from the hardest to softest. That means squash should be first and okra will be the last. When all vegetables are tender, but not soft, add in the bagoong (according to taste). Serve hot!    

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