Monday, January 28, 2013

We love Kimchi!!!

I and my nepot are both kimchi fanatics.  My korean friends would give me bulk of it which we would consume at home for a week. But by the time she went back to Korea, I needed to make on my own because I found that commercially sold kimchi in supermarkets are quite expensive, and would be much more expensive  thinking that nepot and I eat kimchi anytime we want.  And the bad thing is, we want it everytime! I already shared the recipe on my other blog at hubpages. Just look for lois sunday at hubpages.  There are three kinds of kimchi I love best: cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi and radish kimchi.

Mix of Cabbage and Radish Kimchi

What I want to share with you is how we actually consume kimchi at home. No matter what kind of kimchi you have or you choose, it is so good in any way. A korean mom said, sweet breads and cakes should be eaten with kimchi for better digestion. Haha! I  had a good laugh when I heard that! Ever saw a coffeeshop serving cakes with kimchi on the side? :D   :D  :D  But then, when I once tried it, I realized they're exactly a perfect match!  A Dunkin Donuts  Store in Korea is even serving Kimchi donut! :D 'Guess, that one is good too!

                                                                                      Oi Sobagi or Cucumber Kimchi

Noodles! Yes, instant noodles get better when cooked with kimchi!  Just boil the noodles with water. Add the other spices then put in some kimchi. Voila!!! You may also add onion leeks for more flavor and crack an egg then stir. That's the simplest you can do. But when you have all the time to prepare, better grab some egg noodles, cook it as usual. Before removing from fire, add the kimchi. Great one!

                                                     Look at that! Dried noodles (pancit canton) with kimchi 

There are plenty of tales about kimchi as there are much dishes you can do with kimchi. Yet, the best about kimchi is that, you can just eat it alone and still enjoy its aroma and benefit.  I will be sharing recipes for kimchichigae (kimchi soup) and Kimchibokumbap (kimchi rice) on my other posts in this blog.  Have fun! Enjoy.

Trivia: Kimchi is a good source of vitamin C and many other nutrients.  

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