Friday, January 25, 2013

Habhabin ang sarap ng Pancit Lucban

Pancit Habhab (pancit Lucban)

Anywhere in Quezon (Province) you'll find pancit habhab. Isa na nga itong street food dito. Habhab means to eat directly with the mouth (without utensils). So this pancit (noodles) has to be eaten that way. At dahil it's anywhere else there, naging comfort food ito ni nepot. Accessible, cheap at instant! But because he remains special to me, mas masarap pa rin ang special na pancit habhab na gawa ko! I used pancit Lucban. Yes, the kind of pancit from Lucban. Lucban is a town in Quezon, famous for its Pahiyas Festival and Kamay ni Hesus. It's just like egg noodles but brown in color that is just blanched (not cooked). The rest of the toppings or ingredients are cooked. But the best part of this is the vinegar. It gives habhab the taste like no other! It has to be little spicy to experience the kick that's fantastic. 
Pancit Lucban with toppings and Sesame seeds

Vinegar sauce for the Pancit Lucban
After blanching the noodles, make sure to drain it well and drizzle with oil. It will avoid the noodles from sticking together.  Then saute the toppings, consist mainly of garlic, onions, carrots, sayote, pechay and pre-cooked chicharon. I also have big onion rings, green onions and sesame seeds for the garnish.  

This vinegar sauce for the pancit habhab is made of vinegar, chopped onions, chilis, sugar, salt, shallots and little garlic.  
Haluin at habhabin!!!

Trivia: Pancit habhab is best eaten in banana leaf. 

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