Friday, January 25, 2013

Homemade Longganisa (sausage)

Healthy and Delicious! That's how I would always describe my foods!  And when I say that, you have to believe me. As they said: Never Trust a skinny chef. Haha! That's so true! That's why I never want to get on a diet! Well, I'm proud that I'm into healthy and delicious foods.  I'm not into processed foods, especially those that are preserved with artificial flavors, colors and additives. So?  So, even if it had to take extra time preparing, I make sure I have some in the fridge when cravings come into the air…
And! Of course, I prepare them myself.  That is to make sure it's clean and healthy.

With this sausages (uu nga, longganisa sa tagalog), I have to spend 4 hours to finish 2 kilograms of meat into links.  Stuffing the casing takes a long time so this recipe calls for "patience".  I use collagen casing for this recipe. And the first time I served nepot with it, he said, "Wow, masarap nga! Pwede nang ibenta!"      

Homemade Sausage (Longganisa)
this thinner version goes well with pancit canton and kimchi  


1 kg. coarsely ground pork
1 kg coarsely ground beef
1/4 kg. pork fat, ground
salt (according to taste)
1 tbsp. sugar
1 whole garlic bulb, pressed and minced
1/4 cup extract from oregano leaves
1 tsp. pepper, ground
1 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. fennel seeds, crushed

Mix the ingredients well, but don't overdo. Stuff into casings. Prick with needle to release air. Tie to make sausage links. Refrigerate. Fry or grill! Great-tasting sausage! Ay, longganisa pala... :)

Trivia:  Collagen casings are also made from animal parts (mainly the parts that produce collagen), and they are edible. Soak first in water for a minute before using. It softens the casing making it easier to stuff. 

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